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What blow! Susana Giménez, the widow suffered a sharp fall in Punta del Este

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January 14, 2019

Mercedes Sarrabayrouse, the "blooper", was the star of the event in the Uruguayan tourist city.

Mercedes "Mecha" Sarrabayrouse The attention of the guests was the person who was caught in a bowling alley Punta del Este at an amazing time He threw it and fell to the ground.

At the time Diva daughter, Susana Giménez, the local media suffered an accident "Showcase Show" and subsequently, the images began to emerge through Argentine television.

As you can see in the material, the woman suddenly stagnates that stability is talking to a group of people and finally fell to the ground.

Last month "Your" He landed on a ship on a ship and was his daughter, helped and shared with her in social networks.

TV host went through Christmas along with those who love their daughter, " Wick " and his grandson, Lucia Celasco In the neighboring village that owns the palace "Maria", in honor of the film with the actor's playwright Carlos Monzón.

The accommodation is in the same place Rincon del Indio, in Punta del Este, and in that place T.V. It is so common nowadays Uruguay.

This time, when the woman was shot from her daughter, at that time she tried to stroll through the artificial lake in a megalithic property.

Your daughter, Mercedes "Mecha" Sarrabayrouse, she decided that her mother had made an attempt through her personal account Instagram where is 66,500 followers

It looks like images Susana Pedal boat ride. "Push me up, Mecha, because here is not evil weeds, give it a shot"He asks the driver to his descendant.

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