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What happened in the movie Nahir Galarza, the most livelier video in Argentina

On June 11, Nahal Galarza joined the court in Gualeguaychú Judge Mauricio Derudi, after being tried To kill bullets to hurt prison with his father's nine millimeters, his boyfriend, Fernando PastorizzoAfter saying that, after saying that I had finished listening to the prosecutor Sergio Rondoni Caffa this video He would take his life. "They were not humiliated, they rotted me"he shouted.

They have already shown Other videos on Pastorizzo that dayI hope the Entre Ríos and Gendarmerie Agreement analysts will be doing It will test its iPhone 6 with more than 140 thousand messages and a future victimThey shot an attractive piece called Pastorizzo I crumpled my feet, gave him a little dance covered with a towel.

But the problem was this video, Pastorizzo was found on Motorola devicesIt comes out of your computer's cloud. For a minute and a half file, Nahir and Pastorizzo in his home armchair. This video and nothing more.

Juan Carlos PeragalloGustavo Pastorizo, the father of Fernando, discovered and found the video He asked the court to appear.

Was the move to the defense strategy down As a result, lawyers Horacio Dargainz and José Ostolaza stated that Nahir and Fernando were not the pair, remove the link image Should the perpetual perceptions of the lawmaker aggravate the Criminal Code? Or it was 19-year-old woman to show her sexualityto break a little?

Peragallo might want to prove a point: This video would obviously be at Galarza's houseto grind the story of his existence defense. prosecutors They told their audience about their existence: Behran and Rondoni Caffa watched him three weeks before his hearing After finding the pearagon. However, they decided they did not ask for their screening. The videos of riches and afflictions of IPhon aggravate close connection, Motorola's sex scene of the victim was not a weight test, it did not appear in the accusations accusations calculationsNahir acknowledged sexual relations in his statements.

I said, Why show?

The video never appeared in the court, Only the small screens were viewed from a projector. At that moment, Nahir stopped and went into the room to dismiss Rondoni Caffa, even though he did not ask for the movie. Carlos Riera, newspaper journalist Day of Gualeguaychú, He was presented and reported the reaction.

He knew in Argentina. This video existed Nobody had any, but everyone wanted to see it.

Searches entered, forced, is one of the most popular pornographic platforms Creating a tag between national trends. Logically, the actual video was not there, there were other confused Nahir, Nahir was not a little sweater, another boy, a group of people in the dark, accumulated 100 thousand viewpoints until June 19

On July 4, he was sentenced by the Nahir court. Gualeguaychú's night, someone boasted the video, I switched Entre Ríos in a hotel lobby with a "walk". But nobody wanted to receive it, he dismissed the offers, it was a poison.

The afternoon, in the middle of the afternoon, the video has been redone. And it was rage. Unhealthy, twisted rage A piece of porn that is not filtered with a partner, but it has been strained from a judicial file One trial in one of the most serious crimes in the Penal Code of Argentina.

today, Nahir Galarza XXX XXX XXX of video videoconference platform planet Uploaded One of these 17 different users, more than 490 times Friday until 28, after Pastorizzo's assassination, almost a year. In another XXX platform It accumulates 1.1 million times. Traffic volume is much ironic fake videos With Nahir's title, they are the scenes of sarcastic, who tripled that number. du WhatsApp viralization of the file It is impossible for men to become groups.

Florencia Zerdá, lawyer, member of the Feminist Advocacy Network, he stressed: "I think it's about talking about the" look of an intimate video, "it takes away the responsibility of the emissive, it gives us a feeling of magic, and that does not happen. The dissemination of intimate matter is not consensual in the form of digital violence and is responsible, it must be reached, it is still not a crime, even if it is a project that must be punished by half In the Senate, if they are criminal cases that are applicable or that are applicable in each case, without prejudice to civil actions. "

Zerdá continues to study: "In this case, there was no agricultural construction by the authors of Galarza A morbidity that continues to do all that it does or does not do. It is presented as a consumer object, young, middle class, blonde, skinny, bad, that's why the intense search of the video. du not to spread intimist material the victims have left many in the world, Some suicides, As announced by Nahir as he broadcasts the video. Understanding non-conformal intimate content The scope of the file is related to the irresponsibility of Justice Operators or access the file to the parties. Socialism is reproduced in different areas, unfortunately, women are losing consumer objects in a file or in other areas. "

Jorge MonasterskyHe is also a lawyer specializing in digital issues related to criminal law. Video filtering from a file, possibly among parties, is worrying us on a timely basis. "It would be a testimony to get out and investigate a judge. Registries are for the parties, not the public. And article 53 of the Civil Code is clear. "

There are sites that require bug fixes. "Be intimate", says the lawyer, "Similarly, search engines like Google". If they do not cancel, it is responsible for the cause of the damage. Another measure to unenroll the person's name Sites where videos are. "

A source linked to the legal strategy of Nahir guarantees Dargainz a lawyer This year, this year, he has made a presentation to remove the videos from networks: Marcelo Galarza and Nahir confirm in the Paranormal Unit of Paraná Unit. "Awaiting the resolution, now the fair comes and everything stops", says the source, refuses to determine where the presentation was made.

du Judge of the High Court himself punishes the life He made another step. After the explosion of video pornstars, the judge ordered criminal investigation and other administrative investigation to make a copy of the shoot and determine leakeda. It's easy to go: The video came from the victim's Google Drive and could not copy a copied DVD or DVD. The question for the judges, then, is this Entered into the Pastorizo ​​cloud and extracted information.

To date, according to the judicial sources of Entre Ríos, Penalties did not give a positive result.

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