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What is Black Friday, super deals and a black gold day?


As it already happens Hot sale or Cyber ​​Monday, super discount days have been installed in Argentina and, today, everyone talks to Black Friday. 2013 is done in our country when it is a supermarket chain for the first time established nationally.

But the tradition born in the United States produces fever itself in different countries in the world. Despite some doubts, the offers and promotions offered during those days are a real possibility "make the difference "Others wait for the purchase or dream of these products.

But … what does Black Friday mean? The term has two meanings that arise from the different moments in the history of the United States and, altogether, the opposite. Today, in most cases, it connects one of them Commerce "parties" and the market, the second meaning is mentioned One of the most critical days of the history of the United States economy.

The origin of the term is not a bid or a direct purchase, but rather people and vehicles with a heavy traffic The streets were covered Thanksgiving day. In 1961, the Philadelphia police began to identify this day and became known since 1966. Until 1975, The whole country had a sense of "Black Friday" meaning.

Today, Black Friday is a holiday holiday in the United States, a winter sales season that begins at the end of the year and is called "black". Nowadays, depending on turnover, businesses go through your finances from red numbers (losses) to black numbers (profits).

But tonight, everyone says Black Friday does not have anything to do with the "other black chapter" of the United States's history and economy. Friday, September 24, 1869 A group of speculators He sank the price of gold. On that day the stock market and the economic crisis began several months.


This photo from the cliffs of Gold Halle in New York shows the collapse of the gold price. Handwritten notes by James A. Garfield indicate that the image was used as a proof in a congressional investigation.

Jay Gould and James Fisk, Ulysses S. Grant, were two speculators who were marketed in the presidency, during the rebuilding of the Civil War and the government finance for construction finance.

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