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What time is San Lorenzo – Hurricane? – 11/25/2018

The Copa Libertadores is a mystery, and it is not known when the game is played, the controversy is another classic. When the Super Final ended on Sunday 25, San Lorenzo and the Hurricane decided to delay the meeting that they decided on during the Boca River In the end it was not discussed either. And now beyond that San Lorenzo did not play for 48 hours and Globo threatened to score points, the Superliga ended.

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"Superliga informs San Lorenzo that a game that needs to be arranged according to the regulations of the Hurricane, tomorrow (Monday) will not be questioned, as the City Council recommends that the match be held on the eve of the G20, the Council will reorganize"said in an official Twitter account. Clarito

Nadur and Lammens met Olé and took a cup of coffee. (Gustavo Ortiz)

How did the problems begin? On Monday night or Tuesday, due to the non-cycling petition, to prevent fans, Matías Lammens spoke Olé and consolidate its position: "We can not accept that our partners respect this way." And touch Alejandro Nadur, the president of Hurricane, throwing wood over the fire. "The match between tomorrow and Saturday will need to be played in San Lorenzo, we must complete the letter rules, we will present six proposals on Monday or Tuesday with the public, without an audience, in the Capital or the Province. Lammens is not serious, unless it can be built three points we will ask for "said TyC Sports.

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But when Superliga was released, San Lorenzo was not responsible for the suspension of the class, and therefore the hurricane can not win the game. Only news will be on Tuesday and the only one that will end in 2019. This story continues …

Hurricane demanded within 48 hours.

Hurricane demanded within 48 hours.

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