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What was Big Bang before? Should something go boom?


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What happened before big bang? Should something go boom? – Ethan, 10, Sydney.

Ethan, what questions? To be honest, we're not sure before Big Bang. As the idea of ​​"before" is not very easy, we will soon find it.

But before we begin to embrace all the leaders that respond to your excellent question, we will make almost 14 million years moving from the beginning of our universe.

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Big Bang was not a metal explosion, like fireworks, but rapid expansion the same space.
Alex Sims / Wikimedia Commons

A quick start at the start

Big Bang was not really a bang. There was no metal splint on an artificial fire or material; but rapid expansion the same space.

At first the Universe was infinitely small. Everything around us – the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the things that make up me and you – were completely overwhelmed, creating what is known as a special feature. A unit has been defined as "a space-time point where we know the laws of physics that we break".

For any reason, this peculiarity has rapidly spread to the Universe.

After this rapid expansion, our universe began to cool – the universe's patron was named Mikromekane's Backspace.

The Big Bang's free radiation tells us how our Universe began and what we brought before it.
NASA / WMAP Science Team

So if Big Bang causes the back of the cosmic microwave, Big Bang causes something else?

Time in advance?

Your question in physics is an important idea, what we call causality.

We see the world around us, all effects must be a cause. Take, for example, a fallen tree. Perhaps a terrible storm shook the tree. Or maybe a chainsaw came down.

But if you want to distance the quantum world of atoms (small buildings of everything), something very different. In this quantum world, effects can occur without any effect.

The time line of our universe.
NASA / WMAP Science Team

Long ago, our whole universe was microscopic, like an atom. Some effects on the microscopic world do not require any reason, since it was impossible to start the Big Bang.

And things can get even more. At the same time Big Bang did not exist anymore. So, it might not make sense to ask what happened "before". In the North of the North I would like to know the direction of the North. "North Pole is there It is the northernmost point of the Earth, which is why it is not north.

A polar bear philosopher has already solved "What is Northern's North".
U.S. Navy photographer Chief Yeoman Alphonso Braggs

But what happened before the Big Bang?

Starting at the beginning

Some scientists suggest that our universe is the recycled result of another universe, killing and collapsing itself. This is known as "Big Bounce". This collapse of the universe will return to universality again to regeneration, causing the Big Bang and creating a new universe.

In that case, gravity would not have to interrupt the extension of the Universe, but everything will be returned to a single point. Unfortunately, the current observations show that the universe is not following this trend, because it spreads faster than ever.

Or maybe our universe is at the other end of a black hole White hole. White holes are hypothetical "counterclockwise" black holes, which material penetrates into space rather than sucking material.

Can not the entire universe be at the other end of the black hole?

Or perhaps the universe may become even bigger! The image of the microwave cosmic backdrop shows that free radiation does the same, but it has concentrated lumps and bumps in some places. Some cosmologists – how people began to explore our universe – our suggestion of the Universe is one of the largest universes in the multinational.

In fact, we do not really know what the Big Bang is. Perhaps you will be the same person to answer your questions. If you know, do we know first?

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