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What will happen after the car is set to 0 km after the tax adjustment expected in January

Since 2014, the car has an internal value of 0 km. The "pricey" price of the car is a bit of an embarrassment, starting next year, they will be adjusted every three months. The reviews will always be in January, April, July, and October.

It was a request from the local terminals Following the recent increases in the dollar and the rise in prices. The Government noted that, therefore, it decided in the 2019 budget.

Today is a dick 20% $ 900,000 for over-the-counter vehicles, some $ 1,300,000 in public. The last decays, the amount has become obsolete and affects the vehicles that were left behind a few months ago, including some domestic productions.

The tax base will be updated According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For the quarterly calendar that ends the month after the update of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses.

The first update will end on January 1, 2019. Details will be announced next week, but there is no increase in tax-free minorities. Yearly inflation is expected to reach 48% for 2018. That is how it is calculated The base will start at about $ 1,800,000.

The minimum tax increase will have a different way in the list of automotive companies operating in the country. The value of some of the vehicles will be reduced and others will increase.

On the one hand, the Government believes that, Cars will drop in price Nowadays, these taxes are affecting and, as of January, the minimum minimum tax rate will not be increased.

On the other hand, this measure may have a negative impact on the pricing models that limit taxes. The price of 0 km is "frozen" or "fall-off" to pay taxes, but As soon as the minimum fiscal growth is reduced, they can free themselves.

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