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What will happen to the children of Natacha Jaittiren after the death of the model?

To do the pain Death of Natacha Jaitten hits the lives of his children V powerfulAlentejo Yospe and Antonella Olivera and opens up a painful and complex chapter.

Antonell, who was older and older than 20 years ago, was the sad news, through social networks, expressing his pain and talking to his mother through his account Instagram.

Antonella OliveraHe was with Ulysses during the holiday season in Brazil.

On the other hand, the model's son is the youngest, Valentino Yospe, relationship with the actor Adrián YospeHe died in 2011 in the fight against cancer.

On Saturday, when he learned about the death of Natacha, Ulises Jaitt said that a 12-year-old boy was under the care of a family friend after his mother's death.

After Natacha's death and a continuous investigation of what happened to you, what will happen to your children? With mobile phones We are in the morningthe driver's certainty Valentino's role is to go and Antonella will live with Villa Urquiza.

"My sister was very sure to take care of her son, and what happened to me was something that happened to me, to take care of me and my family was also happy", Ulysses admitted, after his brother Natacha Jaitt, Mariano Yospe, revealed that he is the owner of the baby.

"My sister trusted her to look after her son"

On the other hand, he talked about this situation Natacha's eldest daughterRosario, when he lived with his father, left him He will come to Buenos Aires to be his brother.

"It is destroyed. He wants to live with us and his brother and I want to create a family. Certainly we have a family of three people "Ulysses Jaitt tells.

"Probably we have a family of three people"

He also spoke ValentinoThe media's children are 12 years old and said how the death was reported. "Since it happened, I first thought about how I communicated. I called the educator psychologist and gave me all the steps to continue unfortunately. I respect that "he related

"In terms of continuing, I still have home and sister in my house, we are three, the wall is never broken", he emphasized.

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