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What will happen to the dollar in 2019?

At the beginning of October The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) established a "non-intervention area".He kept the dollar between the sales segment $ 34 and $ 44, and are updated daily at a 3% monthly rate.

The monthly rate of the monthly intervention period starts at a 2% monthly rate, according to $ 37,117 and $ 48,034, 2% daily update per month. If you follow the same path this year, you can expect the currency remaining in the middle of these values.

This means that if the weight estimates that the exchange rate exceeds the upper limit of the intervention area, the BCRA can sell it with USD 150 million per day.

In this way, the Central Bank will cut off the weights that it obtains to the dollars, when the contraction of the money base is in effect: before the money drops in demand.

On the other hand, before a quick nominal estimate, the BCRA can exchange foreign exchange divisions with $ 150 million a day. The currency base only grows with trusted weight signals.

BCRA preferences

According to the objectives set by the monetary authority, it is a priority to "promote the stability and development of the financial sector". In this area, they will continue to "promote savings in national currency" and will continue to make banking operations in different types of businesses.

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