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What would Blejer happen? – 01/30/2019

Mario Blejer has said that it is indisputable for Cordova that it has a brand name of origin for 70 years: "The rich country of Argentina is another fable because it is not". Esnaera deserves the title of the interview on Wednesday in the newspaper La Nación, and ends with the corresponding explanation. "The strong people offers a great deal of quality to their people. Being wealthy means having natural resources, Switzerland would be poor. There are natural resources to know how to exploit it, but it's not the only one."

The disturbing definition created a fast Twitter exchange among some of the renowned Twitter. The exchange was not even debated, because the participants showed an agreement.

The media was the most expressive of José Luis Espert: "I think that 2,000,000 years ago I did not agree with Marito," he wrote. The political scientists Andrés Malamud are better placed in Brazil and Chile than in other countries, better than Argentina, by comparing the wealth of natural resources of each inhabitant. and Eduardo Levy Yetati added the depressing reality of the Bank of the World, a conceptual overview: "We overcome the real cunning of natural resources and think of our policies based on inventive income."

Of course, the idea is not about the economy. And old ones too. In 2006, Jorge Todesca published the book of "Wealth myths", which he undoubtedly left in his preface: "A large number in Argentina – perhaps most – think that Argentina is a rich country (…) This is arguably the wrong thinking".

There are two keys to stop: the idea of ​​a rich country is wrong; However, most believe it. It would be a question, why?

Immediate answer is easy: once in Argentina, the world's bread basket. But more than a century has passed since reality justified this definition, the country suffered from repetitive economic crises and nowadays more than 30% of poverty live.

However, The idea of ​​natural wealth is not loss of pregnancy (contrary to "we are not rich", the title of the interview is worthy of its excellent excellence), Argentina could be related to Australia (without knowing the details, but not with the prosperity) and irony, but the unforgettable definition of Duhalde "

It is not possible to discuss here, the data that confirms or denies the statistical economic data, or the reasons for other reasons that are repeated, but which try to revise some ideas that are broadly understood. It has great resources in Argentina, but that's not the same as what you believe in incredible wealth.

Latest Release A painful reader yesterday wrote: "What's wrong with Blejeri? Country (rich) and there is a lot … Only people live, it's not the beginning of politicians …". It is clear that political directors have bought all the divisions of all their responsibilities. But it also summarizes the question of national wealth, which is deeply rooted in the conviction that transcends the statistical truth.

The last question would be: Blejer says, wealth in Argentina is a fable, we are ready to stop believing.

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