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WhatsApp | Android users will have a new feature that is already enjoyed by iOS

November 28, 2018

Those who have this operating system will spend to enjoy a function that Apple users have for some weeks now. Enter what it is.

For some weeks now, those who have devices with an operating system iOS (Apple) enjoy a new function when using their conversations in WhatsApp.

It is that those who are within that group already have the alternative of Play the audios they receive consecutively, something that was very well received by the users.

The novelty marks that now the same thing will happen with those who use Android in the coming weeks, something that could be discovered thanks to the latest beta version of the application, the 2.18.100.

The new tool allows those who receive more than one WhatsApp voice note In the same conversation, they only need to play the first of them to be broadcasted in a string, with a "beep" that warns that the next audio is being passed.

This information, awaited by those who have this operating system, was released by the specialized site WABetaInfo.

The 2019 will be with advertising
In case there was any doubt, WhatsApp users will begin to see advertising when using the application in the coming months.

This is one of the least expected news for those who have a profile in the App, because the absence of advertising was one of the distinctive features of the App, which is still the most popular among users around the world.

"We're going to put ads in the 'states' section. That will be the main monetization mode for the company, as well as an opportunity for companies to reach people in WhatsApp, "said Chris Daniels, vice president of messenger service in recent days.

During a press event in India, he said that "the plan is in line with what Facebook continues to monetize the WhatsApp for companies that is currently free for them."

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