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WhatsApp, at the last minute, includes waited emojis

Emojis is most expected for the WhatsApp platform. The claim of this image is part of the world's most widely used application for some time.

Over the years, the company that decides the drawings on our keyboard, Unicode, has expanded its wide range of emotions. to WhatsApp Additionally, new announcements were announced: a superhero, a pawn, a piece of puzzle, the United Nations flag. Even the pirate flag. But it was still missing: the transsexual community.

finally WhatsApp Beta Android version 2.19.56 transgender flag could be unknown. However, this new emoji is not yet visible.

The community of transsexuals has been the arms of the order to obtain the flag available. The aperture was the most requested last year. So it was just a little while before he claimed to have started the campaign.

The mobilizing entrepreneurs who gathered synergy also had access to the Unicode to join the collective banner. When the idea was created, the flag of "emeji" and transgender was flagged.

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