Wednesday , October 27 2021

WhatsApp sends you a message in the new attempt to limit false news in five speeches


Bolsonaro won the elections in Brazil with the help of WhatsApp. That is, at least, several organizations suspect, such as the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, associated with that victory Massive forwarding of fake news by WhatsApp To attack his opponent's campaign, Fernando Haddad.

The impact of social media on these campaigns is becoming increasingly apparent and they have been hacking WhatsApp's tactics: they have announced it from now on Only five outgoing messages can be forwarded Mostly.

Fake news and spam messages

This type of measure is not new: this year two changes have been made to change the service's most important feature. A message forwarded in July was activated appeared "book" who received it

Shortly thereafter, another sensitive change would appear: the number of referrals was limited to 20 groups (India 5), ​​but it seems that a giant Asian activation limitation was persuaded by WhatsApp's leaders. change this policy again.

From now on, the messages will only be sent to five conferences, without further ado. This limitation is a much more consistent WhatsApp attempt to prevent the use of spammers and, of course, To alleviate the problem of fake news (fake news) and misinformation that is spread through the platform.

Social network coup elections

The effect of social media on election results was felt in the United States presidential campaign in 2016. False news and misinformation It was expanded through Facebook, according to analysts and studies of Donald Trumpen's victory. Recently, efforts were made to manipulate political campaigns in this country's election campaigns.


The same thing happened in Brazil, according to other analysts, during the recent controversial elections in Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and it is evident that the tools used in these areas are used it is making dramatic consequences They are like those that occur in the last lynland in Mexico.

The popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp has made the platforms a great source of information for many users. The latest research by the Pew Research Center showed how the United States was created 20% of adults are informed through these platforms When 16% do it through print logs. Television is still a benchmark of information.

WhatsApp's move is a new attempt to fight this kind of bad use of the platform. This type of platform, for example, is afraid of the role of the dozen processes in the elections It will be held in Africa in 2019, and this new limitation of quotes could help alleviate the problem, and it is more difficult to spread misinformation campaigns.

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