Sunday , January 24 2021

WhatsApp's secret is that nobody can read your chats with other users

One year later with 2018 new features, WhatsApp The novelty started in 2019 is important. As we predicted TN Techno, messenger will enter fingerprint unlocking.

It is noteworthy The function found in the beta version WhatsApp, so it's a test. However, the findings clearly show Facebook, strengthening the owner's owner software, from strengthen privacy messenger

What will he do

WeBetaInfo site reports found new on WhatsAppto unlock through the footprint It covers the whole application. This means that there is no chance of chatting or conversations.

The goal is clear: increase the level of privacy. With this option enabled, they are messenger users eyes safe from the enthusiasm. No one can enter the conversations of others, even though the screen is unlocked.

If the function exceeds the test, in the settings menu, the user can choose the method they can choose: fingerprint, password or PIN.

The first fruits of 2019

Gradually increasing privacy is essential (and necessary) in WhatsApp, not just to avoid traces. According to the comments, The Facebook plan will launch plans and messaging for its cryptocurrency expansion area for electronic currency.

The reports indicate that this money would be tied to a dollar fund, thus avoiding the volatility suffered by cryptoconcients in 2018 (at the top of Bitcoin). Make money transfers for WhatsApp. It will be a security system for this implementation and will start in India, in this market, this application has more than 200 million users.

2019 brought us to WhatsApp. Among other changes, the dark mode, the image and GIF previews, and the new ways to improve multimedia content shared within the application are specified. But advertising will also come in as confirmed by the company.

Half full of glass: at least for the first time, lYour ads will not appear in conversations but in the WhatsApp state.

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