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When Carolina Papale liberated Ulises Jaitt he sued him

Carolina Papale released it after Ulysses (Video: "wrong").

in you are wrongAs Papaleo, Papaleo justified his statements, Ulysses's anger: I said "Mauro Viale": "Why do not we say the word? If not a taboo There is no need to take into account someone who is using substance, does not take care of himself and be such a person. That's why I said it. I can not tell you how did you get on the net?.

Moria Casándriver you are wrongHe admitted: "Those who say in the networks do not need to suck their eggs, I do not care about hours or anything, they overcame contradictions and snippets. If we do not have any illness, please … "

Papaleo again mentioned Natacha's health. Based on his testimony, a driver began two months ago to study: "I show a friend, Tornú and Natacha The painting came to tell me that he did not die ".

"He told me:" I am authorized to speak. "Tornú, two months ago, made a discount, For the illness, let's not say (He makes a gesture that covers his mouth). He had pulmonary and lung pathologies. He did not die, "he said.

Ulysses Jaitt said Carolina Papaleo (Video: "We the Morning") was sued.

On Wednesday, Ulysses said: "If they are fake studies, there's a lot of Natacha's operation I will not enter this land because of the health of her sister ".

"Whoever talks about this matter, as in the case of Papal, The case has already been submitted "he said. Additionally, he leaked about his sister to keep more information than just "press operations".

He also stated: "My sister deserves to know what happened to her and I looked at the sky and decided to leave his life to find out what happened. I sleep for three hours, I notice my nephews, I eat, the prosecutor is more interested in my perspective. "

Statements by Carolina Papaleo for Natacha Jaitt's health (Video: "Mauro, The pure truth")

In the case of Natacha's death, Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte, In the room of Xanadú, the producer of the show's director Villa La Ñata, who died last Saturday, it's been stopped. The prosecutors asked for a false testimony in their two statements with their contradictions.

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