Sunday , May 16 2021

"When I wake up they disappear in the morning"

Sebastián Valle lost his loved ones and made himself sick but survived. They lived together in the same house.

In front of the white houses on the street of Amovaya, one of a metal door that has not passed a year, there is a small sign called "Valle Familia". The meaning was absurd, Hantavirus killed three members and two others became ill.

In a few weeks, Father Aldo Valle (61) and his daughters, Jéssica (30) and Loreley (32), were killed. Also, Aldo, the female sibling, Sebastián Valle (27), was in 10 days at the Esquel hospital, while his grandmother recalled Ninfa Avalos (90) and was well on the hospital's prognosis. .

Today, Sebastián, a nursing student, speaks without force. One after another in a bad blow, he separated from the creatures most loved and adhered to them.

On December 11, his sister Aldo, a municipal worker, died on December 23, with his sister Loreley, a member of the Action Society worker, on January 9, with his sister Jessica, School 774. The woman who was on the previous day and spent her room in an intensive care room. He also touched him and his almost grandmother. "She is a woman with a horrible force," said the young Clarín.

To begin, they assume that Aldo Lara, the grandson of Silvia Valle, took place in Peumay's room on the 15th of November, and contacted Patient 0.

After Loreley died, Sebastian got out of his house and went down in bed. The next morning, on December 24, he found fever. He thought about a few minutes, he was excited, the psychological effect of a sad chain. Thermometer checked to verify if something was wrong. It had 38 temperatures, so it was the next family case.

"The sun wants to do things, you want to sleep and sleep, and nothing else, I went up and went to a medication, but it's worse. Inspired, every time I back my back and I could not fill my lungs," she says .

The doctors released it and did not have the sequence of infections. "Here people have a special character, though, we try to fix it well, other families that are suffering," he reflects.

While he was talking, he sees the green and the river that stretches from the inside of the street and the yard. You can search words that you can not speak without speaking.

After 24 hours, her sister Jéssica began to feel painful throat. When his father and his sister recently recovered their dead and their brother, the woman went to hospital in Epuyen where she was diagnosed with angina. Routine tests were normal and blood tests were not detected by the infected anomalies and it was the first warning signal that the Malbrán Institute had to confirm.

Sebastian shared the house in Amancay street with his father Aldo, his mother and his sister Jéssica. Loreley's relationship resided in another property that existed every day. "We are very close, we love each other," says Sebastian, whispering his voice. "Nobody can prepare for this, doctors say things different, I do not blame anyone, as we would learn," he says.

On the day the hospital was discharged, specialists from the health center came to learn how to move forward. "I could not go and nobody told me anything, I asked him and they told me everything was good and that I could not pollute or infect anyone, but I'm not sure, I do not think they know that," he adds. .

His house, like most of Epuyen's houses, was built on a generous space. It is essential and without luxury. There are several objects that inhabit within it. The routine was the back song of the Valle family. Jump from bed and go to work. Chat while drinking cookies. Then a kiss. See a hug later. These everyday events carried them to death when they exchanged viruses. "When I get up in the morning," says Sebastian, his gaze returns to the yard and can not see anything.

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