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While Templeton anticipates a strong bounce in Argentina, BlackRock left the local assets to dissolve

Finding positions against Argentine assets among the two most powerful investment funds in the world and who believe in the markets. While Templeton's director Michael Hasenstab was convinced that "Argentina will take the lead in 2019 new markets," BlackRock began releasing local bonds.

"Selling AY24 (Bonar 24) does not stop, and disassemble it already some $ 65 million," he reveals to the LPO market operator. This amazing mega fund, which manages $ 20 million, shows the trend that goes with all the actors.

Operators emphasize that investment funds have received cancellation of $ 56.2 million over the last 45 days, and since 2008 it has been the largest retirement of funds. "We are seeing one of the most serious sales and emergencies. It is logical that they disarm all positions," says financial analyst Christian Buteler.

It is one of the debt liabilities in the world, with $ 30 billion in 2017, the outsourcing market is crowded and more than the nation's. In this situation, Macri's record level of risk was added to the 834 drop ship this Thursday when it was not easy for the buyers to release their sales position.

BlackRock and Templeton lost more than $ 1.1 million and shook Macri's penalty

The sources that came to BlackRock reported that they think they have diverted $ 1 billion from before the end of the year. The fund's disappointment justifies the Aladdin's high-risk analysis system. "With such an almost risky appraisal system, there is no possibility that Argentine bonds pass through the filter, giving it 14%," says Francisco Uriburu, market analyst.

In addition, together with Templeton, BlackRock's high treasury (BOTE) is far below, the Dolares issued by the former Finance Minister Luis Caputo, who exceeds $ 25 on May 15.

This time, the Argentine authorities convinced the exchange of $ 3 billion, subsequent deceleration and acceleration of inflation of more than $ 1.1 billion in losses.

Structurally, it is the first investment fund that participates in the majority of these instruments, 44.2% of those who had reached 50.2% of BOTES 2026 and 20.7% of 2026. It brings together 6,200 million Argentine debt.

Therefore, the optimism of the behavior of the Argentine economy is to reassure the market, to increase the number of paper purchasers. It is a typical behavior of Wall Street, a few days before the subprime crisis, with banks' secondary banking and investment funds repeating a series of future signs of a financial bubble burst.

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