Monday , January 18 2021

White fever: why is it necessary and the vaccine should be applied?

In the last few weeks, hospitals and health centers were the main celebrations and large camps fever vaccine application

One of the most requested was Border Health ManagementLocated in La Boca Buenos Aires neighborhood, over a hundred people were waiting for more than 12 hours of injection.

Data to know:

Is there a vaccine? According to the National Health Secretary, The state is required for those who are required. "There are enough vaccines and we have an unprecedented supply level"He has been the Director of the control of immunodeficiency diseases.

Where is the vaccine? You can click here to get more vaccines. In addition, in the last hours, the number 147 had the opportunity to request rounds.

In public hospitalsSome of them are Muñiz, Pirovano, Argerich and Durand. In private placesVacunar, Previvax and Stambola are some of the people who want to apply for the vaccine. The cost is roughly $ 300.

What do you need to submit to the vaccine? Only your ID or passport.

When do you need a vaccine? At least 10 days before, doctors need to take one month of vaccination.

What is yellow fever?

According to the National Health Secretary, The disease can contract bites of mosquitoes; In serious cases, death can occur.

Anyone who travels to an area where the disease is breeding; In the case of children and the elderly, the risk of symptoms is even greater, the vaccine is required.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) There is a long list of danger areas. In Latin America, the main ones are Brazil, Ecuador or Colombia.

Solar fever is not a particular treatment, so the vaccine application is very necessary. In addition, in the home, in many containers that accumulate water, and always using regulators and lights, it will be a priority for long sleeves.

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