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Who was Ciro, who killed the tomb of his little girl with his frustrated parents – 11/11/2013


Ciro Peñalba (10) avoided the bad conditions of the respiratory illnesses caused by an orphan boy at the beginning of the decease, or to integrate group sports into the clubs of Tolosa. Likewise, when he was able to do so, the students who raised his wardrobe put on the shirts. They were dresses that he wanted to get from home from school.

Go to "Pincha" at the Unico Stadium, located at 25 blocks. The desire was advanced, who was once the "growing up" order.

In Martín Iraola, he saw some of his younger brothers (two girls and boys), always under the direction of his mother, Soledad Marcos (32). "La Flaca" (known as Marcos) is a madrasaña, solidary, pleasant and always accompanied by the kids, "he said. bugle family neighbor

Professor Carmen Nuestra Señora Carmen, from the age of 115 to 529 and 530, from the traditional neighborhood of La Plata, to the small rooms in the garden and to the first level of primary education. They do not remember complicated passages or learning difficulties.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, a bullet in the cheekbone.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, a bullet in the cheekbone.

The traumas were stacked inside the 116's, fearing the senator Juan Cruz Chirino (27). Family members close relatives, stepfather "he mistreated and the differences" with the children of the smaller men After eight o'clock burial, he made a suicide on Tuesday afternoon.

The differential treatment was perceived by Soledad Marcos and the Grandmothers of Cirar, who had serious fighting against Chirino. "Although he never dares to conceal the bride," consulted sources bugle. Discriminatory behavior was one of the causes of the debate on couples.

Angel Peñalba, the boy's father, would take him on the weekends. His ex-wife, along with Soledad Marcos, kept a bombing. He fired at the tragic dawn, though he was in danger. He fired his pimples on the pear that still remained, according to health sources bugle. He joined the San Martin hospital.

This morning, Colegio del Carmen classes were suspended when the authorities learned of a serious outcome. Tomorrow, on Wednesday, a break was organized.

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