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Who won the first semifinal "2018 Dantzan"? – 2013/12/17


In "Dance of 2018"Of"ShowMatch"(Thirteen) was first semester. They faced it Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni against Julián Serrano and Sofi Morandi. The decision of the public, with almost 57.28% of the one million votes, was finally the pair Sofi Morandi and Julián Serrano.

Today, Tuesday, the second season, they will play against each other Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza against Mery Del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei. On Thursday, the final will be great and the 2018 season will end "ShowMatch".

Before the start of the transfer, Marcelo Tinelli I announced on Twitter that it would be changes this year in the assessment of competitors: not only the jury vote (Ángel De Brito, Laurita Fernández, Marcelo Polino, Flor Peña) but the BAR has three members (Lourdes Sánchez, Jorgito Moliniers and La Chipi), has a vote. The vote of the public, on the other hand, is worth 4 points.

At 22.38, Marcelo Tinelli Two pair of competitors were invited to follow the track and open the way to throw people away.

The rhythms that the four couples danced were: cumbia, bachata, folklore and subjects: Luis Miguel.

Rhythm cumbia, the jury gave a point to the couple Julián Serrano and Sofi Morandi. BAR has voted the same duo.

At the second rhythm, bachataThey were the jury and the BAR Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni.

At the third rhythm, folklore, The jury voted in a separate way: De Brito, Laurita Fernández and Flor Peña have voted Sofi Morandi and Julián Serrano While Marcelo Polino chose Mica and Nacho. For his part, he chose BAR Mica Viciconte and Nacho Sarraceni. Thus, Three against the two votes, the third night was Julian and Sofia.

At the last pace, Luis Miguel's subjectsThe jury stated that they were the couple bind you. But BAR left Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni.

Thus, the pair were linked to the rhythms of 2 to 2 the definition was in the hands of the public. Viewers, along with Around 57.98 million votesMarcelo Tinelli announced Sofi Morandi and Julián Serrano.

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