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Why did Gallardo choose Alvarez sanctions? – 2013/11/29

When it was time, when Gymnastics and the rivers imposed penalties, Marcelo Gallardo was surprised Exequiel Palacios decided to put Julián Alverez to the court. Despite the intention of giving away Argentinian Cup semi-finals, he paid special attention to kick off the penalty for the court.

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But the explanation did not come long ago. When his shot was over, The young men stopped in front of the goal and did not lose their execution. After playing, Muñeco decided to enter into a decisive moment and, with his humor, he led the director: "It was very good and I want to be very close. I kicked the penalty because I was a player of the hierarchy and won a penalty kick for a week. "

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In addition, the coach added: "I did not have faith Problems understanding this responsibility. And it started very well. "

"A week ago I won a penalty kick"

Marcelo Gallardo talked about Julián Álvarez. Video: TyCSports.

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