Wednesday , October 27 2021

Why do women have more sex than men?


The X chromosome is probably The secret female "Greater female closeness", because it has several genes related to the brain and that is decisive to survive

The report presented at the University of San Francisco (UCSF) has attributes of the second woman's X chromosome, men's relationship with men, the reason for living and other physiological benefits.

It has human Y chromosomes few brain genes and it is not necessary to survive, he said.

Regarding the biological wealth provided by female X chromosomes, male Y "genes, like genes that generate secondary genes, such as men's genitals and facial hair. it is not necessary to survive, "says the publication.

"We can imagine that this situation has been able to evolve women in this way, and you can guarantee your children's well-being and possibly their children when you live," said researcher Dena Dubal, UCSF's assistant professor of neurology and principal research author, today posted by Aging Cell in the scientific journal.

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