Wednesday , September 28 2022

"Why do you make money surely …", he destroyed Jorge Rial


to Jorge Rial There is no half measure. She was always full of love, although she never felt happy in her relationship. A man who loved him could consider everything he gave to his beloved, and that is why he fell in love with women who were with him. Your current partner, Romina Pereiro, who started living together and wanted to get married, is experiencing a special moment. I publish news pride through social networks.

du journalist He had a good fortune to share his fans with nutritionist He has published "Eat! Healthy, Easy and Rich" in the book and has a public message. Your book is currently out. I am witness of the effort and the claw. Find the right word or specific data in front of your computer. Always love your smile and your work with the love you feel. It's not just a book, it's the product of your passion. "

"I'm proud, I think it's the beginning of your bigger life, it's enough to know that your face is made in the best wood, that's why, and for other things, I love you. All your happiness was expressed happily Intruder driver, Sharing your partner's book cover.

Therefore, despite the fact that there were several Internet users interested in obtaining the latest food publication, others put negative messages on Jorgeri, making use of Pereiro's favor. "I did not know how to prepare a Weight Matter! It's a disaster! You've put the money on the book, it's always the same, do not change it, you've spent some time and split it and the TV disappears!", It was an opinion.

In addition, it was also a place for ironing: "hahaha, effort and claw, it's true, having adhesion and stomach and getting the book out," said a follower. Then another person noticed that Rial "was never a sincere". The wife said: "I saw it and I fell in love, it's a great love for my life," he agrees. He uses it and ends like others, he never knew the worst thing he ever had, even though he was thrown by his soul's friend. Daughter, her love was ill. The universe is very powerful, Rial. Be careful, you will eventually get hurt, "they confirmed.

Very powerful!

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