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Why Gallardo changed his plans to Godoy Cruz

Marcelo Gallardo reviewed the images of Monumental's wardrobe with a laptop computer and needed no further proof. The river technician confirmed this The board fell before it due to strong mistakes Injuriousness and unpleasantness, and decided to change. So I wanted to try an alternative anti-Godoy Cruz group, but its spirit of competition: Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, Enzo Francescoli and Matías Patanian- He promoted the initial plan.
Mendoza will offer the best team, especially three-string superliga, who is worried about the chain.

du doll Also, he knows that his group's error margin has dropped greatly Through SuperLiga, to be the Copa Libertadores 2020 edition. In addition to the champions, they will get the first four cards and today, the twelfth. It is located in the 20th century, and Velez is nine points behind, fifth, two more games and the second leg will go to the next round.

Pass failed Camilo Mayada and Bruno Zuculini River was very much in favor of the advantages of the youth party Kevin Sibille, River achieved two goals for the first time against the Board of Trustees. In Argentina, football and rivers are due to pay for the Argentine footballer. In fact, they have also been added to the defense and to Justice and the Union in the Monumental Monument.

Gallardo's disappointment was a result, but also far away from the collective and individual responsibilities. du doll He believed that a majority of regular substitutes had more freshness than holdersIn front of the Defense and the Union, they did not have the necessary energy and creativity to overcome the groups that go to Monumental.

Without any unpleasantness with the majority of substitutes, Gallardo decided to change to a meeting that was requested before Godoy Cruz. Mendoza will also recover, against Malvinas against Lanús.

River is waiting for the match today: on Sunday, he will have to go to Liniers to visit Velez, where he will face the fastest, and will face the center of Rosario in the 2018 war.

Superliga was uncomfortable and knows GallardoThe planning was changed in the face of the patronage.

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