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Why is it so dangerous for doctors to think about the Internet?

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It started in Yoga. He felt a strange jerk neck, completely unknown. A friend suggested I immediately got an emergency room. He was heartfelt.

The patient did not enter the stereotype of a person with a cardiac insufficiency. She did the exercise, she did not smoke, and she looked after her diet; However, after reviewing his medical history, I discovered very high cholesterol levels. It was statins that lowered cholesterol, but never paid attention to its prescription, because of the great things that were read on these medications online. It was the victim of a condition that has become a pandemic of modern times: false new doctors.

In spite of the high attention given to disinformation in the political sphere, medical disinformation may be further prevented. In general, as with false information, medicine lies tend to reach the network more than real and have real reactions.

Many studies have shown this
The benefits of the state exceeds the risks especially for those who are at risk of heart disease. However, these drugs have become targets of a linear dissolution group, paranoid fanatics, who seek alternative therapies and people who seek only clicks. Although they do not have many social networking sites and publications, they are not commonplace risks and basic assertions, since statins have cancer and a low level of cholesterol is considered harmful to health.
Research in 2016 reveals that statin is the risk of weight loss and the benefits of those with a reduction in cholesterol in patients with increased cardiac inflation.

It may also result in fake medical information
Patients have side effects due to "nocebo effect". Sometimes, because patients think they improve with surgery; That is the effect
placebo. Impact
nocebo It is reversed: patients may have side effects only because these experiences are predisposed. The same is true of statin. In double-stroke experiments, patients who treat statins do not show muscle pain, rather than those who take placenta. However, according to a study, in clinical practice, almost one in five cases of statins are considered side effects.

Do other goals have fake news in your minds? As always, vaccinations. This year, according to a fake story about viral cancer, the corpse of a US epidemiologist in the USA for control and prevention of diseases has been found to have a concern about the flu vaccine. Last week, Mark Green announced that the Tennesse doctor was elected to the new Congress
Unfortunately, the vaccine says it can cause autism (he later said that his comments were "wrong").

Human Papillomavirus causes the cause and side effect caused by vaccine against the virus in recent years by reducing the Japanese coverage rate by 70 percent in recent years, less than 1 percent. Those who apply a Pakistani polio vaccine are often attacked by militants, and the vaccine is intended to sterilize the local population.

It is the main goal of those who promote information about inadequate cancer; Many of them earn money with alternative therapies. In the fake article it reads: "Although many people believe that cancer is a bad tumor, the body is slow to stop the adverse cells." The new surgery suggests that "it involves the risk of spreading adverse cells" and warns that "prescriptions increase body acidity, increase uncontrolled cellular mutations."

In 2017, it was found that cancer patients use alternative therapies for diets, herbs and supplements, instead of conventional therapy, to worsen 2.5 times more. By taking advantage of the fear of people, those who destroy patients with evidence-based treatment have their hands dyed with blood.

Doctors and nurses often try
Disable patients searching for the Internet response. However, patients continue to consult Google on symptoms and medications; Since the Internet does not have to make appointments or wait a long time, there is no rush, the network does not make judgments, it does not require much deduction, and often easily understand

Silicon Valley needs to take care of this problem. I am not a lawyer specializing in freedom of speech, but when people are at risk of being at risk, search engines, social media platforms and Internet sites should be responsible for promoting or hosting false information.

The scientific community must participate in educating publicly about the key concepts of research, such as randomized study of observational studies and high quality studies. Transparency is crucial to maintaining public confidence and the news that researchers from the National Institute of Health show and receive financing in the alcohol industry to analyze the benefits associated with moderate intake. How fast confidence can weaken.

In the end, journalists can do a better job of disseminating more specific information. The randomized analysts are likely to be covered by news websites; perhaps, amazing results would be created. This type of coverage can add excessive benefits, such as statins that heal cancer or help men get it; It can also add an emphasis on potential risks, such as proposing a correlation related to dementia. (Although a small number of people pass casual memory errors after taking statins, randomized controlled trials do not find the link between medication and cognitive failure, and certainly not between dementia and dementia.

However, it is not enough to present events. du
The Boomerang effect, when people make hobbies even more when they present false beliefs, may also occur when questioned by the wrong medical accounts. To convince my patient to be the best of statins, I did not give any clinical information, but I shared a personal story: after my father's heart, I asked his doctors immediately. with statin treatment and with the highest dose. I told the patient that the statin could not guarantee that I did not have any heart, my father wanted me to be a healthier life. He agreed to get ready for the recipe.

To be the least chance of gaining information warfare, doctors and researchers have to savor stories with scientific events. This is the only way to overcome the gap between medicine and the masses, and they are exploited by merchants of disinformation.

Haider Warraich is studying cardiac insufficiency and transplant at the Duke University Medical Center

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