Monday , May 16 2022

Why is the Doctor's Day held today? |


Monday December 3 is the Pan American Medical Day. It was held in Argentina in 1956 Doctor's day On June 22, but since then, he has joined other Latin American celebrations, along with the birth of a Cuban doctor and scientist. Carlos Juan Finley, that the mature fever was transmitted through intermediaries agents and made a superlative rescue against this disease.

According to the Pan American Medical Confederation recommendation, PhD Day was held on December 3 in honor of Carlos Juan Finlay Barrés. In 1881, for the first time, the mosquito theory was a transmitter of diseases. It was the reason why a mosquito who bloomed a sick person could bruise and contaminate another healthy.

Initially, his theory was not well received at the International Sanitary Conference; But when, in 1882, Finlay softened his thesis and was opposed to the genus aedes aegyptias, as an organism that transmitted yellow fever.

In his theory, he monitored the control of mosquitoes and how the spread of the disease was controlled.

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