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Why (still) I can not recommend Redmi GO, Xiaomi first with Android Go

Xiaomi Redmi GO

Xiaomi Redmi GO presented this morning. Redmi, the first bet of the current submarine, to conquer the range of tickets to make Xiaomi a new monopoly. The rival does not accept competition at a quality price, the company continues to go into its own world low cost, although in this case a little money is offered.

Xiaomi Redmi GO's main opponent is Xiaomi's own catalog, which is We have more than 10 million Euros, dual storage for Redmi GO, making long-term interesting alternatives and getting better than the proposal. To demonstrate this test, we open a discussion on the proposal for the creation of Android GO in our country.

First I do not recommend Xiaomi (in principle)

Xiaomi Redmi GO

It is dangerous to judge a mobile piece of its technical data, since it is a matter of caution, since the technical characteristics of a terminal are not compatible with the device's latest performance. However, Redmi GO is a special case, considering that the Xiaomi catalog itself is to incorporate this device into the market. Redmi GO is the only attraction ROM, based on "net" and Oreo, with a price of 80 euros. However, we do not forget what Android GO is, Software cut and cuts with applications.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

therefore, Xiaomi Catalog Redmi GO joins Spain, where alternatives like Redmi 6A or Redmi 4A can be found at a similar price. Specifically, Redmi 4A, although it may take some time behind Redmi GO has the same processor, but duplicates internal memory and double RAM, ranging from 2 to 16 GB, by expanding microSD cards, respectively. Its camera is 13 megapixel and its battery is a bit higher, at least in amperage, with a total of 3.120mAh. Xiaomi Redmi 4A is the price Redmi with less than 13 eurosThe ridiculous difference of the double warehouse, so important today.

_Mahu hardware is not crucial to judge a performance of a terminal, in this case, and despite Android GO optimizations, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage are not enough inputs, even more in mind

If we look for a newer option, we will find Xiaomi Redmi 6A, a new terminal, Doubles repositories compared to Redmi GO, and has a processor, even though MediaTek manufactures it, Snapdragon is above 425. Helium A22-MT6762M is manufactured in a 12-nm process, compared to 28nm of 425, the ARM Cortex-A53's 4 numbers are 2 GHz in maximum frequency. If we look for synthetic test results, we have seen that ROM and storage are the same, with Redmi 6A getting more than 55,000 points with Helio A22 in AnTuTu, with more than 43,000 points obtained with Redmi 4A 4000 Snapdragon 425. In price and power ranges, The difference is quite obvious, and even if we take into account that Redmi GO has smaller hardware, with a limited Android version.

Open the debate, we are trying hard at the hand of Redmi GO. This limitation means that it is an interesting alternative to complete the Xiaomi catalog. We repeat, At first glance, it still seems that Xiaomi does not currently have enough quality-price ratio, Due to the small hardware of Redmi GO. However, we will give you the final examinations we have made, and we hope to change the first opinion of this final alternative.

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