Monday , January 18 2021

Wild Hubble Triangulum Galaxy image is the second largest telescope


In the triangle galaxy, the inner galaxy of the mosaic and its inner spiral arms are shown.

NASA, ESA and M. Durbin, J. Dalcanton and B. F. Williams (University of Washington)

Hubble Space Telescope Triangulum The galaxy's new image is almost as huge as the galaxy itself.

Triangles, the so-called Messier 33, can be seen without the help of a telescope without the help of a telescope, but it looks like a look. Hubble's vivid views, shared on Monday, combine into a single image of 54, showing the central galaxy and his spiral arms.

You can see full measure of 1.6 GB through the Hubble Space Agency of Europe. Hubble is a joint NASA and ESA project.

NASA shows the "full face spiral, with nearly 25 million star-struck stars." We will call this space agency for that. "Hubble was the first image to see the images, wow, it's really a lot of star formation," said the lead astronomer and project Julianne Dalcanton.

The Triangulum Galaxy is the third, the name of the local galaxy team, the biggest inhabitants of Andromeda and our milk route.

The ESA has said that the Triangle Image is the second-highest ever published by Hubble and helps astronomers understand how the stars grow and how they will evolve.

If you want to see the biggest image of Hubble, check it out The telescope will analyze the Andromeda Galaxy 2015.

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