Wednesday , February 8 2023

Wilde Hospital performs preventative and healthy practices


On the first day, the subject of the thesis was Healthy Eating
which, among other things, gave advice on benefits
Dietary salt reduction, balanced food combination
Prepare a plate for each meal and get proper physical activity
Daily habits to get the correct nutrient assimilation. Coordination
Mirta Korzeniewski and Lorena Vogliazzo were in charge of the licenses.

A few days later, the topic of debate was diabetes, this pathology
Blood glucose levels are also known
Blood sugar is very high. On this occasion,
The recommendation stated so much for prevention, for example,
To avoid sedentary life, overweight and obesity, for example
The detection and early treatment of this disease.

During the conference, readings of different packages were also made
food, to be aware of its importance
In practice, and therefore, to make decisions that may have a direct impact

"I talked through the networks I learned and I decided. Me
I learned to love the issues I wanted to know and I think
There is a need to follow, for many people who do not know the importance
to prevent diabetes, "said Gertrude, a neighborhood neighbor, approached her
witness talk

Conferences and activities on healthy practices
Regularly arranged, they can be consulted on the social networks network
Dr. Eduardo Wilde at the Hospital.

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