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Will Boca players will not play? – 11/27/2018


You may call it revenge on operation (2015 gas pipeline), strict adherence to regulation, the defense of players and rights, or whatever, is something that is already essential: Boca's bet is extreme.

It says from the statement: everything goes. But … Is not it back? Is there a B plan (without a group of lyrics)?

It is obvious that Conmebol wants the opposite of Boca: that is, the Second Superfinance will be played, the champion is in court and not at the table. Most predictions indicate that the disciplinary court would decide in that direction that Angelici addresses another instance of the club: the same agency's appeal, with little choice.

It will then go to the TAS when the international sports court usually decides to spend time.

And the tallest is asterisk. Conmebol establishes a possible date (December 8, Saturday or Sunday, December 9), because it has a little margin, it is believed to be an idea of ​​a weekend day. This is the final reason, on Wednesday, at 12, when the Club World Cup starts in the Arab Emirates, although South American champion will only be released on Tuesday.

What will Boca do if he adds failures and will Conmebol confirm the final date? Could he encourage the rumor to take him to the extreme? Will the danger increase the risk of an international five-year exile? Really what do you expect from fans?

Angelico defends his political capital, for his commitment to the success of a single bullet: the victory over the river, but in a field that does not have a land. His opponents and Libertadores Cup playoffs thanked his lawyers' goals and the madness of the River Plate fanatics team.

It would be the mandate of the partners, at least as the president is acting as a guide. Likewise, staff and technical body. No Boca plays, not in a neutral court, and imagines winning the ball.

Paradox can also happen: finally play and play Boca football. Or is it not possible?

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