Saturday , January 28 2023

"Win Dance, black, you …", Jimena Barn dorsima


Jimena Barn This is one of the ten images that have come to this example of the new edition Dancing a dream Although he attended the ceremony earlier this year, he admitted that he had never been so enthusiastic about getting under way. Even the last gala, the goddess Marx cried out that the reality of Marcelo Tinelli admitted that he had changed his life and that the invitation arrived at a special moment in his career.

After many years of acting, Jime was launched this year singer and "La Tonta" released its first album, fascinated with its figure sculptor in social networks, which brought many fans. His specialty and charisma was the key to being his star, so ShowMatch's production wanted to participate in the program and, despite being busy, he gladly accepted it.

Always in a humorous way, Jimena He has recorded very entertaining videos of his life, his son Momo, Mauro Caiazza, his boyfriend, his dancer and daily routine. Now, the most important thing to do is to beat the bachata pace, since it did not work well, and it only received 13 points. That's very nervous: he probably has to go to the duel and the jury does not save him on his phone.

Who is not speaking only once? du the artist He often made it and showed himself himself as a monologue on the front page of Instagram Stories, applying his face mask. With its spark feature famous He made a conversation with "the other with me," and entertained his followers to clarify their fears and anxieties to attend the next round of the competition.

"So how much shout, how much cried, how much to practice, win, win! You're a rogue, a bench, an old woman You are a criminal, you dance, you go today and break them, and the jury saves you or cag and now you leave Do you need it? You've stopped ten and you, ah, because you've done it, "he said to himself.

He then opposes and defends himself and defends himself and contrasts his cowardice with ShowMatch: "Hey, feminism, uh, to Congress, abortion law, Bachata, bachata mayor, and silly tour of the country's country you do it … "he threw it untidy.

"Sells smoke, smells of smoke, it sells smoke, eats the world, eats the world's balls, you do not know how to do it well, if you're afraid of the trial, and do it, Pas, pas, Gan el Bailando, gnate el Danza, Black, you can do it all, "said a statement of motivation to confirm the confidence that Dancing for a Dream needs in this last stage.

And I ended up with a strong assertion, as if it were useful or helpful for one's own training: "I will do it, I will do it, I can do it, I can do it gastritis a week ago." I can enjoy this program, "he said in the social network.


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