Thursday , June 24 2021

With a little supply, the dollar stays less than 40 pesos

Add after Six retail exchanges in the retail marketand in the top five traders, the dollar stabilizes it This week a little Less than 40 pesos and 39 pesos, respectively, in two segments.

Exchange agents are recognized around 39 pesos, the bank offers a little more supply and it removes bullish pressure, and then has more than 8% of the exchange rate in the last week.

Porteño microcentro bank proemdioan The dollar is $ 39.82 For sale, it has dropped 15 cents.

In the market Wholesalers sell $ 38.78, about 27 cents in the previous clause.

"The the exchange rate always in the & # 39; non-intervention field & # 39;Therefore, the Central Bank did not participate in the exchange market He only made Direct Finance Sales The National used funds that meet the obligations of foreign currencies, "said the latest currency organization Exchange Balance.

BCRA set the lower limit for this week $ 35,929 for free dollar bundle, the group's "ceiling" of 46,496 pesos.

November in the middle of the dollar increase appreciation, in front of a company According to the coatings of currency positions Institutional investment portfolio portfolios, sufficient supply and weight flow, pressure on the rise in the exchange rate, after the partial renewal of LEBAC last week.

In the hands of investors, the benchmarking rate is steadily declining and the end of the financial year closed the United States currency. Prices at the beginning of October, wages, Christmas bonuses, and a movement that envisages strong liquidity provided by December bonuses.

"As Variable variables to follow It remains essentially – and just as it is week – Dollar evolution and interest rates. There are some good signs in this area: inflation is growing from one height to the other The current account deficit accelerates correction and the Prosecutor is very likely to overcome the goal and, therefore, brings us closer to reach 2019, "he said. Matías Roig, Portfolio Personal Inversiones Director. "Previously, but what was expected, The activity continues to show a great recession"he said.

Economist Gustavo Ber, the dollar's reaction was high "demand for coverage increased In aesthetics of domestic and foreign doubts. This tends to add to that Reduction of the BCRA rates and is predicting and accelerating the amortization of many emerging currencies Dollarization process portfolio front 2019 election risk".

from one Merchants Research "Commodity trade and the movement of others, the price of wholesale trade" regional coins"Dynamic bullish" to cover the end month obligations and make purchases disassociate to trade".

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