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With car-fed fares, how do you plan to leave your subscription?

January 11, 2019 – 16:09
Personal dream became a nightmare of many Argentines, because savings plans grew per month and in some cases tripled three times. What issues must be taken to request a withdrawal?

The dream of the car turned into several Argentinian nightmares, as the savings plan fees grew per month, in some cases three times. The automotive sector data is also not random and future improvements are not expected.

Approximately 300,000 people would have a way to pay the coupon.

The purchase of 0 kilometer cars at the beginning of 2019 continues to decline, compared to the same month of the same month of the previous year, compared to the same number of days before the same month of the previous year, says the portal Á

Other data must be taken into account:

  • In 2018, car registrations decreased by 10.9% year-on-year, at the end of December, after falling by 40.6% compared to the same month the year before.
  • In terms of financing, 47.7% fell in November, according to the latest report released by the Association of Automotive Companies of Argentina (Acara), which concerns more than clothing sales 45% of the market.
  • Explanation: Growth of more than 100% in 2018, inflation nearing 45% in that period and 80% higher than automobile value. The wages, however, advanced less than 30%.

Pre-saving plans

Savings plans, estimated at more than one million subscribers, are those that are most affected by this situation, especially those that are in force: quotas have in some cases been tripled and "abusive" due to the growth of hundreds of contractors.

Alberto Príncipe, President of the Automotive Automotive Chamber of Commerce, has said that "savings plans fall sharply, especially in the popular cars, the share has tripled, but the salaries are not in the same proportion. Most subscribers can not afford to pay."

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Albert Prince

He said: "They are in two situations: drawing or leaving the person who draws does not have to pay the fee and has the possibility of losing it in the car, as long as the vehicle is not removed, it decides to leave the plan until the remaining payments in the savings system have been recovered to" .

Savings plans are falling daily, especially in the case of cars, the quota has tripled "(Alberto Príncipe, President of the CCA)

At the same time, the sector decreased by 80% in 2018 with the new plan subscription.

Franco Ruband, an analyst at the Abeceb automotive consulting sector, said "the segment of savings plans has gradually been dismantled from October to the beginning of the price list for the price of vehicles, which will be subscribed by subscribers."

The rate – the income ratio, in a common situation, is 25%. "After the threshold, you have a risk of default," Roland said. Currently, many subscribers are close to one hundred and have started problems: 300,000 people would have to pay a coupon.

How to cancel your subscription

Mario Vadillo, Director of the NGO Sponsor, in all matters to be taken before leaving the savings plan.

  • The first issue to be taken into account is that successful bidders (who own their own ownership) can not return the car without canceling the debt. Otherwise, the compromise may be made: the confiscation of the vehicle, the auction and the sale price do not cover the debit value, it goes through the guarantee of the successful bidder. "It's the worst situation," says Vadillo.
  • Another winners can send a savings plan to another person, but this operation is the approval of the administrator, as a creditor, guarantor and commitment.

Vadillo's suggestion is that they feel "people review", that is, unpaid, because there will be a wave of robbery of vehicles from other countries, which will not benefit anyone. "

  • Protector, on the other hand, underlined another issue: the value of the vehicle purchased through a savings plan can not be greater than the price list for terminals. This is what the law says, but it does not respect conventional customers who offer discounts and bonuses for customers who buy it out of that type. "

"My suggestion is that subscribers feel that they need to resume their fees," says Mario Vadillo, NGO's reference for protection.

  • In the case of members (those who are not yet in the vehicle), they have to notify the administrator of their subscription to rest assured that they have to restore their money and indicate their return time. Amount.
  • Basic fee refund (updated final rate at the end of the plan, updated to the latest delivered by the administrator). The amount must be deducted from administrative expenses and, failing this, the fine that does not notify the retirement plan is reached, reaching 4%. Likewise, a warning must be removed from the member so that the credit balance can not be avoided.
  • Vadillo has said that the modification of the automobile model can not exceed 50% of the quota of more than 20% or that the administration can not reliably report that situation. "In these cases, the refund of paid contributions is immediate and unpunished," he said.
  • Also, it is possible to transfer a plan to another person "in a simple way" because it is "uncompromisingly" because the winners are different.

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