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With less employment, Mar del Plata will have promotions and affordable prices


Entrepreneurial plays will set different strategies for attracting audiences to select different proposals for music, comedy, magazines and stand-ups

MAR DEL PLATA.- The premieres are scarce, but the titles established throughout the year by metropolitan can travel to different coasts. comedy,


and more and more


, The cartel of Buenos Aires was very successful, besides the infallible magazines,


Marplatenses confirmed their free date, although they have not yet been confirmed.

A rich and quality-rich program hopes to find answers to expectations in the summer season: the promise is huge, because the exchange rate parcel encourages domestic tourism. But it is also true that inflation and purchasing power will be great potentials with no passengers or with a limited format, with little attention to days and expenses.

Therefore, the budget available to the budget includes some variants and proposals. For example, this year, coupled with the courage and bonus of the grandparents, they are even more innovative, even though they are promotional innovators, just like those with great discounts for children under the age of 17. There will also be many tourist shows.

With more than 40 marplatenses seasons, the sector's fine analysts, but especially the most innovative ones, faced with difficult times, Carlos Rottemberg, an entrepreneurial theater (who will be known today as a prominent cultural identity in the Buenos Aires Parliament). Baptized season with a classified one. What defines it as "countercurrent". "There is a counterweight against the drop in consumption in commercial activities, according to the dollar price, for a larger national tourist flow," he explained. Prior to the support of the Buenos Aires government, he was called "paddling"; 2016/17 was "cautious" and "delayed", due to the delay in the changes in the government of the nation and of the provinces.

The Marplatense posters in the theater and the best tables that have been held this year in Buenos Aires will be the best. Room programming is loaded with news and gestures to get the best results. Operator and producers as well as the viewer.
Sugar, Along with Laurita Fernandez, will arrive at Neptune. This will promote the small hall of Bristol, it will act as a support space and will be a great success to get out of music musical comedy. Lido, in Santa Fe's Santa Fe complex, is also expected to be another title.

On the other hand,
jets They will go to America in the management model "Rottemberg", which will certainly be accepted by producers and casters. With a simple and visual profile to enjoy with the family, this comedy will have a fee of 600 cents for adults and children (equal to the previous season and 25% less in the capital city of the winter) and for other 200, among others. teens up to 17 years old "Thus, the family of four members will arrive in 1600, and for children of 16 years without the need for a total of 400 kilos of theater," he says.

Another special characteristic is Gustavo Yankelevich, the producer, the agreement
Sugar. "We place your risk and my theater does not receive this percentage, and the costs are needed by banks", Rottemberg asserts with a clear commitment to trust. If they cover all expenses, if they cover all expenses, the same stock will be generated, with the same profits. Then all your chips and revenue options are well placed in the bank offices, and they will be well-adjusted. There are also revenue from 700 to 900 pesos from the 950 pesos paid for the same job in Buenos Aires.

"We look for the cheapest price," he recommends and Rottemberg claims that the sector is a bourgeois class, a leading theater client. According to the accuracy, it is understood that it is necessary to adjust the proportions that are closer to the parity agreements than extreme inflation.

Atlas room will have clarity and feathers
Together together, Will mark the meeting of Santiago Bal and Carmen Barbieri, now with his son, Federico, as a friend and director. It will be a profile of a magazine, a genre that is familiar to the family.

And at the Mar del Plata theater, you will see the musical version
Crash cage, Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman, Raúl Lavié, Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone will be on stage. The premiere will be on December 21st.

Another complex that was closed to this network and the offer of plays is RadioCity / Roxy / Melany, Lino Patalano, and shows an outstanding effort throughout the year. This summer, he has secured five performances by Les Luthiers
Excellent reservation, his latest work. Likewise, local artists will be given by Lali Espósito, Jorge Rojas, The Beats and presenters in the main room.

Now, Roxy Comedy, underground room will win so much ground that category of its own stage won: stand-up. Roberto Moldavsky will be leading the show in his market Sebastián Wainraich, Dalia Gutmann, Sanata, Juampi González, Magali Tages, La Faraona, Martín Cirio, Nicolás de Tracy, Pablo Angeli, Pablo Molinari, Señorita Bimbo, Laila and Gonzo, Radagast, The Unnamable, La Cheppi and Caripa. The lectures and presentations of Pilar Sordo will also include the philosophers, Alejandro Dolina and Darío Sztajnszgerber, among others. Melany room will be for "a la cap" shows, as well as artists from Mar del Plata.

The Provincial Council, a recaptured room, will reach José María Musca
right, with her career, Cristina Alberó, Luisa Albinoni, Katja Alemann, Paula Morales, Edda Diaz and cast; and
The enemy of people, Ibsen, Juan Leyrado and Raúl Rizzo, directed by Lisandro Fiks.

In the Rivadavia Street paintings, thanks to the public engagement of hand-held artists, the Olympic Theater will once again take part in the review genre again, starting on December 20, with the proposal of Omar Suárez and its guests. Nearby Corrientes room stage will also return to the ring for a few years and will share titles
Well argentine,
Hansel and Gretel and Sergio Gonal's unipersonal. In front of Torreón del Monje, the concerts of Tronador, Wednesday, Marcelo Polino and Nacha Guevara and Jay Mammon will be distributed with Alejandra Rampolla, sexologist.

More available values, with the help of the provincial government, the Complex Auditorium is programmed up to now with four solid theoretical titles. Piazzolla returns to the room
Smoking, Directed by Luciano Cáceres; and it will be released
40 days and 40 nightsJuana Viale, Leonor Manso, Pablo Alarcón and Joaquín Berthold. It will also be there
abattoir, A great work by the French director Redha Bentafour, along with Peter Lanzani and Germán Cabanas. Payro was programmed in the room
Tuesdays orchids, Mario Pasik, Rita Terranova, Felipe Colombo and Candela Veltrano, a classical actress; Betty Gambartes and Bernardo Carey's music
Manzi, in the life of Orsai, Alcira Davín, Darío Landi and Carlos Vega; and
I got there, With Gabriel Chamé Buendía.

As in previous years, the provincial government will contribute with actions of action cycles. Theatrical program will be scheduled on Tuesdays, the network is not yet defined, and recitals will return to Park Cametera when it does not affect theater offerings. Angela Torres will open the following days: Soledad, Dread Mar I, Lali Espósito, Kapanga and Patricia Sosa, outdoors and free admission.

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