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With safe words, Maru Botana said to his mother, "I love you all my life"


The chef shared a video with his mother Credit: file

With a solid letter, shared in social networks,

Maru Botana

His mother, Susana González de Botana, died in the last hours. The chef opened his heart and said that he had played a dirty trick in terms of health from around 2018 onwards, he thought he was capable of fighting and fighting. "I never had pain, and when I thought, sadness killed me, I went and will be my queen for my whole life, my friend, my friend, my consultant, I will lose so much, your chats daily, your opinions, your love" Botana writes when a video is published when she sees her mother.

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I never imagined this painful moment, and when I thought it, my sadness killed me. You and my queen are my whole life, my friend, my friend, my adviser. You made me FREE, STRONG and INDEPENDENT. You love life, an example of a family, mother and grandmother. I will lose so many of you, your talks every day, your opinions, your sweetheart of love! In 2018 we made an exchange and I thought we were going to go together always with the same taste and passion. My mother how much life she lived together! How nice to see every day! My only consolation is the love we have given you! We love you! With your family, with your friends. And surely your face is waiting[R]Mom, I love you all your life and you will always be with me. They only ask that people give so much love to pray that my Mother will leave peace[R] @padreshijos Thanks for the video so nice![R]

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To marry her love to say goodbye, Maru comforted her mother that he had met Facu
The son of the cook who died 10 years ago.

"My mother, how much life she lived, how pleasant she is every day, my only consolation was love, giving love, together, your family, your friends and the hope of Facu, mother, I love you all my life and you will always be with me, "he added.

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