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With Tinelli, no: Laurita wants to leave, but the boss will not let himself


"The dance" will end on December 20 and "Sugar" will be on March 21st. Blonde is a week to try

With Tinelli, no: Laurita wants to leave, but the boss will not let himself

Marcelo says they're lacerating at Laurel, it's not going to end

Laurita Fernandez does not give her time. As a result, on December 21st, at the beginning of the season, "Sugar" was premiered at the Neptune theater in Mar del Plata. With that date, "Dantzan" takes you step-by-step in the last week of 2018. That's why, in the last days, there would be a lack of TV competition, because you need to start your essays and music promotions on the 17th. in December

But Marcelo Tinelli was far from allowing him to give his permission: he was angry that he believed that he was not committed to jury members.

This information came from the mouth of Marina Calabró, "El día de Mariana" announced that the driver released the "environment".

"As soon as he searched, he told him to postpone the premiere from his inner circle", when he was signed as a jury, there was "Sugar & # 39; Mar del Platan It deserves more than this contract (since it had already signed up). Why do not we even have a bill working with us? ", Said the journalist, citing Marce.

Previously, Marcelo Polino showed Lauritek's request for the production of ShowMatch: "It ended on December 14 to finish its work. It has been signed throughout the year until the last program. It would be a mistake against the contract," explained the other jury.

"Then we have the word of Tinko Chato Prada (producer and right), which clarifies the Laurita contract:" We must hire a contract until the program ends on the 20th, and if not, it would not be. At this moment there must be a warning ", continued Calabró.

it was justified

Fernandez, all of this, was not silent and justified: "When I was called, I noticed that the debut date of the Ticket was already planned and the only week of the rehearsed December 17 program, the Last Dance."

"It's a responsibility, I was committed before. I really want to (at the end of the competition), but I have to complete the theater too," added Laura.

And, he was encouraged, the penalty: "Everything that means Friday debut can not be delayed because tickets are sold".

Will it continue to fight?

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