Thursday , September 23 2021

Within a minute: NASA Insight visited Mars to 26/26/2018

In 2012, as happened with curiosity, NASA engineers will once again accelerate the InSight probes that called "seven-minute horror". It is the most delicate moment of the mission, because the Martian atmosphere must be crossed almost 20,000 kilometers per hour and at that time the speed reduction in more than five kilometers will open the paraplegia and twelve retro-kettles will light up to achieve a smooth landing. Martian surface. The space agency sends direct access to the following video:

After seven months and 485 million space kilometers, the robot must be in a single piece on the red planet. Once grounded, the device will open solar panels to communicate with the Earth. In Argentina, it will happen at 5:00 p.m.

Fires will attempt to seize Martian seismic movements for the first time, in an individual way of looking at deep interiors. As you can see the "interior" with the seismic wave, it returns to a different sound when it is turned into different layers. NASA did not conduct this type of scientific research on the Viking mission.

Another question that will try to answer about what happened with the magnetic field that covers Mars is something that has led to the evolutionary consequences. "The smaller the heat lost afterwards, the magnetic field was lost. As it is not in an atmosphere, the surface temperature drops and becomes a desert freeze in the present.

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