Wednesday , January 20 2021

Within the whale there was another whale

The killers may be "wolves of the sea", but 35 million years ago, for example, a 1550-meter long basilica, for example.

Scientists have discovered one of the favorite meals found in the study of bone marrow of the extinct predator, other whales.

In the cat, the remains of Egyptian Whales' Whales found themselves in the Eocene, when they were deep underwater.

The whale's abdominal content was most revealed, where scientists found traces of great sharks and fish, but above all Dorudon atrox bones, the smaller species of whale.

When scientists detected skulls of prey, the monster sharks attacked lunches and prey.

The research published in the PLOS ONE magazine compares the ancient monster with the current ankle or Orca murders, which often include smaller whales and whales.

Scientists believe that small southern salt marshes could be the southernmost small creek, the main hunting site of the ancient predator.

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