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World AIDS Day | Around 129,000 people live in Argentina with HIV


December 1, 2019

A report from the Ministry of Health does not know that a contract has been hired by 20%. In addition, 83.5% of those who are familiar with the diagnosis are being treated. Most are served on the public system.


du Directorate of AIDS, ETS, Hepatitis and TBC (DSETSHyT) has published a report this week which updates the content of HIV control, content and deletion.

According to this new work, in Argentina, about 129 thousand people have the virus, although 20% do not know it. In addition, 83.5% of those who are diagnosed with treatment are treated, and most of them are treated in the public system.

Unfortunately, 35% of new diagnoses are late (30% in women and 37% in men). On the other hand, DSETSHyT Two men with HIV are a virus that is a woman. After three years, the AIDS death rate has almost changed, 3.4 percent 100 thousand (2016).


Responsible for the prevention and control of contagious and immunopreparable diseases, Miriam Burgos, he explained:

"The current challenge is to extend the provision of preventative actions and strengthen and consolidate the integral health model through decentralized health care in the territories and the community, which will be guided by DSETSHyT, such as universality, accessibility, quality information and participation society "


The report also explains that 98% of infected people have a condoms-free sex. Among males, half are infected with sex with women and half with sex with other males.

On a national level, the forecasts of infections (IST) are reported. Some of these types of infections have occurred dramatically. Such as syphilis occurs, in which cases between 2013 and 2017 tripled from 11.7 to 35.2 to 100 thousand and the proportion of routine probabilities performed by pregnant women went from 2% to 3.2% at the same time.

Fundación Huésped, an organization that works in public defense policies, has informed and has worked to eradicate and eradicate the country's major measures.

For this reason, in the midst of the G2 Gender in Buenos Aires, the Foundation set up a complaint against AIDS with the United Nations Joint United Nations Program (UNAIDS). international agenda

According to the guest, about 940,000 people died worldwide in the past year with AIDS diseases. In addition, in 2017, 75% of people with HIV diagnosed and 79% had access to treatment. 81% of this number could have its viral load unknown.

Scientific progress: They have managed to eliminate the HIV virus in 6 patients

Pedro Cahn, the Scientific Director of the Foundation, stated:

"Although 90% of people with HIV had a diagnosis, they had access to treatment and their viral load was not detected, the HIV / AIDS epidemic could be monitored within 10 years. It is the responsibility of the world leader and it is not impossible for most countries, for example Because they have tools to test, treat and improve the quality of life of people with HIV, we ask that we avoid preventing death and the HIV agenda "


On the other hand, President Huéspe, explained by Kurt Frieder "In the last nine years, the G20 did not include HIV in its official documents, which have been mentioned in the document signed by the Health Ministers of Mar del Plata in 2018, and is absolutely absurd.".

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