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World Rehabilitation Day: 600 million people live in some types of disability in the world

The World Health Organization (WHO) established on March 23 how "World Rehabilitation Day"There is a need to emphasize the need for people with disabilities to have effective diagnostic and treatment technologies. He is looking for people with disabilities They can achieve the greatest psychological, social, physical, occupational and educational capacity, which is in line with their limits and the environment.

About 600 million people live in some of the world's disabilities, but in Argentina we know more than that They suffer 5 million difficulties or limitations permanent by 2010 census.

Among the cases that may affect the development of a growing male, brain perlesia (PC) is the disorders that cause movement, muscle tone, and attitude. These are the disorders Caused by a central nervous system injury At the beginning of brain development, that is, it is limited only in the early years of life. That is, before the development and development of the brain are presented, as explained ConBienestar Dr. Leonardo Ramallo (MN 131079), specialized in psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology.

The treatment is for all ages (photo: AAMHEI).
The treatment is for all ages (photo: AAMHEI).

"Prenatal or perinatal" cerebral palsy can also be the result of a neurological injury or an injury that may affect the child's suffering: prematurity or birth multiple. There are also grounds born after brain-palsy as an infection in the early years of life: encephalitis or meningitis.

Cerebral palsy figures: contribution to rehabilitation

In Argentina, there is no detailed statistics for children with cerebral palsy, but in 2000 Consensus on Argentine brain cerebral palsy According to all those born in the country (approximately 700,000 at that time), 0.25% would have cerebral palsy (1500).

Intensive rehabilitation programs reduce the pathological reflexes of the patient, increase the strength, control, resistance, coordination and functionality of some time, said Ramallo, Director of the Medical Clinic and Rheumatology Committee. du Association of Argentinian Hyperbaric Medicine and Research (AAMHEI).

Treatment Hyperbole oxygenation (HBOT) is another therapeutic alternative. It is made with a hyperbarace chamber where the child enters and places a mask that breathes large oxygen concentrations in an atmospheric pressure higher than normal. It is a non-invasive method, accompanied by parents and bring items, books, blankets, etc.

You can do various activities within the camera (Photo: AAMHEI).
You can do various activities within the camera (Photo: AAMHEI).

In each session, it creates oxygen in the hyperbole repair of blood vessels damaged by the brain It improves the flow of brain vials to reduce inflammation, trauma, or oxygen.

AAMHEI informs that the formation of new neurons and the neuron and some cells can help improve mitochondrial (or energy) functionality. That is, the damaged cells They can work better and rebuild new neurons, as explained by experts. In particular, treated children may have more control over their head, improve eye contact, reduce stiffness, maintain posture, start walking with the help of pedestrians and start talking.

The benefits of oxygen treatment have been shown in some scientific research (photo: AAMHEI).
The benefits of oxygen treatment have been shown in some scientific research (photo: AAMHEI).

According to previous research, it is a good oxygenation fluctuation oxygen optimal and a therapeutic tool to improve the quality of life of the children and improve their relationship with the family and society.

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