Wednesday , May 18 2022

Yanina Latorre and Sofi Morandi with a strong cross of tights – 12/01/2018


Sofi Morandi (21) is the newest participant in the "Dancing for a Dream" competition, but heavyweight in social networks is already one of the most important players. Super active on Instagram and Twitter, and on the platform was "Los Angeles of the morning" panelist Yanina Latorre (49).

Sofi said the conflicts: "I'd cut my two tits before changing my surname and putting it on my husband." Yanina, her husband's surname, former football player Diego Latorre, reaffirmed: "Do you talk to me? How much violence does feminism create?"

He was surprised, Morandi replied: "Watafaaaakkk, what should I do to you? I was lost." Yanina, who has a very strict language, did not want: "I am among the people who use her husband! Do you cut the equality if you always cut a name for a man … or did you use your mom?".

There was a crossing, the young actor debated and Lator said the last word.

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