Monday , October 3 2022

Yanina Latorre's opinion, Flor Peña's announcement: "If you take part in an external fight, beat and not …"


They were friends and now they have stopped. du Dancing It looks like the strongest relationships in the text. Yanina Lator crossed the sierra Flor PeñaThe jury later said The panelist "hates everything".

"It does not like anything, everything is a lead. It hates the artist. What do you mean?Mango Martino told him about Diego's wife Diego.

When he returned from the note, Yanina was blurred: "If you go into an outer fight -Sofia Morandi-Because you make a return on the bank … and you cry ".

"I have a lot of beautiful audio"He warned a false gesture and said they were really the exchanges at the beginning ShowMatch, the jury crossed the participant.

"Entering the Emerald's Hatred", he assured and added: "I do not see the artist as opposed to criticizing you when you see it".

Check out the controversy between Cinthia Fernandez and Marcelo Polino after crossing Bailando: "I'm looking forward to everything tonight."

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