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You can not watch Netflix on some cell phones


January 5, 2019 – 20:40
From the streaming platform, a change has been fixed, this will be the end and it will affect thousands of users worldwide.

In the last few hours, Netflix took a measure, partly threatening it, and that's why it received a lot of criticism. Your subscription via your iOS (iPhone) operating system is no longer allowed. The reason is to avoid the 30% commission set by Apple.

"We no longer accept iTunes as a payment method for new members," Netflix spokesman told Venture Beat of the website. The first tests for this deployment were carried out in more than 20 countries. This change will be final and will affect all users, in general, El Tiempo de San Juan.

Therefore, those who want to view the Netflix content for the first time and want to subscribe for the first time are affected by a web browser. They also apply to changes after their period of inactivity to renew their members.

The Netflix magazine is the most widely used online reproduction platform and has created international venues such as Disney from Fox and HBO to produce and display content of themselves and others.

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