Friday , May 20 2022

You can place your child with WhatsApp


A few months ago, WhatsApp developers added a new option or scam to users to discover the location of your friends, how little people know and how we will be teaching today.

This feature of WhatsApp originally consisted of parents who wanted to know the exact location of their children; However, many users are using it to find out where their friends are in real life.

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Most of WhatsApp users come to the current location with the latest friends of their friends, so they can know where there is no lie through the messaging app.

If you want to know the location of your friends, you must request to open WhatsApp, and then select Attach sign. Then click on Location and finally select Send my current location.

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After that, you will receive an exact WhatsApp coordinator with your friend, so you can not find a lie if the meeting is late. If you want to know more details, do not hesitate to see this video.

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