Tuesday , January 18 2022

Your WhatsApp messages will be "hijacked" if you install the application


But everything becomes bad, warned ESET security company.

Your WhatsApp messages will "hijack" if you install the app to find out who has seen your profile photo

WhatsApp people always know everything. What happened to your boyfriend when you were there to find out if your last-time best friend or your friends were doing in their own country?

Unfortunately, you want to know who is viewing your profile picture. Recently the application became viral Profile Tracker for WhatsApp He committed to revealing all your information about contacts in the chat room in your photo.

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But everything becomes bad, warned ESET security company. When you install this application on your device, you are infecting with massive advertising and the virus itself captures "your" personal data on your mobile phone and your data with messages, with an expanding risk.

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"Warning" # WhatsApp's "Profile Tracker" #app is the most malicious one, which is used to verify your profile photo. This app infects your advertising phone and raises your data, demanding payment for the rescue, "explains ESET in its official Facebook account.

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A badly malicious application is the only thing you can do to show random contacts in your calendar, "see" who see your profile picture.

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