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Despite the unwanted attack, the judges had finished in the canvas and the warrior demanded pardon. The scene is viral YouTube

Gou Dakai, muai thai fighter orignary ChinaIt is the protagonist of some moving images that have become viral YouTube and other internet sites, unless the last fight is complete.

In Thailand, Pattaya, Thailand, was part of the Max Max Muay Thai event and saw a local fighter named Dakai Super X Sitsontidech.

During the second round Chinese He took the lead and was punishing his opponent's penalty, trying to reach his right hand to end the battle. Clip YouTube Attached (at the bottom of this note), seeing the Thai stagger, the referee decided to stop intervening to end the affected.

However, it was late to distinguish the fighters and Dakai was already launching the shot, irony, eventually pressing the court's face. The second one hit the canvas of Super X Sitsontidech and the fight was over.

After lifting his arms, as a victory sign, a fighter Chinese The judge was asked to check his status and to apologize to his knees.

Scene has been around the globe and has been shared by different channels YouTube, as well as on Twitter.

China: Muay Thai fighter leaves the referee

(Video: YouTube)

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