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YPF reduces the price of nautical on Monday and competes in competitions – 12/02/2018


Gasoline prices dropped 1.5% on Monday morning. YPF has decided, but it is likely that the rest of the markets will be the leader of the company.

The Government has continued to speak of the oil company to achieve this reduction Clarin He advanced on his Saturday edition.

The decline in international oil prices and the stabilization of the anti-dollar weight are factors that influence this movement.

First, it is the only fuel in 2018. If the barrel of crude oil and the dollar is stable, it will be another option if there are restrictions in 2019.

Gasoline, whose components are imported, will increase by 3%. According to the sector, the number of "import parity" could be "low". On the other hand, consumers thought that they did not exceed parity imports.

From Monday, Super low gas from $ 37.59 to $ 37.21It represents a fall of 1%. Prima (Infinia) goes down from $ 44.01 to $ 43.35, reversing 1.5%.

Clarin Additionally, next Friday, the announcement announced that the Government wanted to reduce the amounts of oil companies.

Although the competitors have not followed YPF, They imitated in November.

The majority of the State increased by 2.5%, and Shell and Axion reached a 5% stake in their suppliers' suppliers, with YPF again joining YPF.

The government's satisfaction was the decision of the company. There's little tendency to go forward in inflation.

They liked a greater percentage (about 4%), but also They know that in this month they have added taxes on carbon dioxide and taxes on fuel tax, adjust monthly to inflation.

In November 2017, YPF declined similar to 1.5%. At that time, biofuels and oil companies had a major downturn at that time.

"If the fall is due to the fall of the dollar, the rise in oil (33%) has never been reflected in the sector's prices, because it can not go bad because it has never risen," he said.

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