Tuesday , January 25 2022

Zika: identify microorganism makers in newborns


A virus protein Zika He was recently responsible for the neonatal malformations of the brain, a group of researchers from US scientists and part of the Argentine physician. Andrea Gamarnik, of the Instituto Leloir Foundation (FIL).

"Our findings provide a possible explanation of the malformations of the viruses caused by the viruses in children," said Gamarnik, Molecular Virology Laboratory FIL and Conicet researcher.

In the analysis, published in the middle of the journal Batteries, done by researchers Zika virus, a detailed map of the interaction between proteins, human cells and mosquitoes.

They have detected a virus protein, called "NS4A" and its role plays a role in the viral genome replica when it infects cells, "it works together with Ankle2 protein, in human beings and mosquitoes and in brain development is very important." "We started working in 2010 with the dengue, we did not know that it was a mistake, we wanted to understand that the virus used to replicate the cells," Gamarni recalled.

It is especially important to prevent waste.
It is especially important to prevent waste.

The specialist warned, in great strokes, what was happening in that case The results of some studies of Zika were "extrapolating". "Certainly, the Zika virus protein inhibits the Ankle2 function, which may be linked to that mechanism Development of microcephaly. It is a very important outcome, there are previous studies that link the inheritance of mycobalphs with a mutation of the Ankle2 gene and the development of human development, "he said.

Flies vs. human

To confirm this information, the researchers carried out other experiments, using a fly model, among the proteins that cause microorganisms in the rain. "The information that emerges from these insects is very important to understand What happens in human pathologies?: 75% of the genes related to genetic diseases or cancer detect the genome of this bird, which is a very useful analogy of humans, "Gamarni explained, in 2016, with the L & # 39; Oréal-Unesco International Prize for women for science."

He continued: "This is the possible cause of Zico's microcephaly, although we do not know either multifactorial table".

"However, our work offers a large amount of information that is applied to development antivirals Against Zika, and understand the molecular basis of the pathologies that cause it, "said the scientist.

In 2016, the epidemic created by the World Health Organization (WHO) was declared a "public emergency concern of international concern", mainly caused by the epidemic congenital syndrome Microcephaly (irregular brain development) and other neurological changes during pregnancy and newborns.

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