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Zombie situation: identify an unknown bacterial survival strategy

A new study clarifies the mechanism of the unicellular organisms to deal with antibiotic attacks and explain the treatment of re-infection.

About 700,000 people have died every year, including drug-resistant infections, including tuberculosis, HIV and malaria worldwide.

Dutch researchers have identified the unknown state of bacterial survival: they include a zombie situation, according to a study released by Nature Communications.

How do they defend peace?

Despite its apparent simplicity, bacteria develop highly intelligent strategies. For example, lethargy may enter a situation waiting to overcome the risk. In addition to activated activity and non-activity, bacteria have a different condition, similar to zombie's behavior. It helps foods that do not survive during a long period of time, as well as their ability to reproduce.

In this situation, bacteria are not sleepy, but they prove to be extreme-reduced processes even though they are still somewhat active.

Researchers from the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences at the University of Amsterdam have studied deeply the bacterial bacterial Bacillus subtilis bacterial survival strategies.

The bacteria of this species died of hunger over long periods of time, and the behavior of the groups was observed.


It is known that bacteria are called "endospores" in stressful conditions, which allow them to "sleep" within the protective coating, and that some samples can be considered as a result of a mutation in the study. .

However, even if these did not become active, researchers found that some survived.

This happened state previously unrecognized, the team now "Oligotrophic growth".

"Normally, the bacillus resembles a cane, but the famine bacteria decrease until they are almost spherical," said ScienceAlert, professor of Leendert Hamoen at Swammerdam Institute. "All the processes that actively participate in bacteria have changed.

"Since finding a single battery in this situation, it will give it a new light how can bacteria get away with antibiotics?, among others, "said the scientist.

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