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& # 39; Made a single mistake & # 39;

Teenage girl has broken a heartbreaking homage to her girlfriend, overwhelming drug suspects in the horrific summer of last victim.

Marli Cartmer-Congiu finished last year at Randx College in Randx, HSC, and failed in years of college nursing studies.

However, his friends and family were heartbroken about his death – GHB – also known as liquid liquid or fantasy – on Friday, Saturday night, at the Sydney party's Eastern party.

According to the NSW police spokesman, the officers were investigating "the Grandstand Parade, Zetland, called" emergency services called home, at an early hour and an 18-year-old woman was not found. "

The Prince was taken to Alfred Hospital, where he died.

He said he never had to take drugs before, and paid for his "sudden" mistake.

In response to the news, Gully Thomas moved his boyfriend to Facebook to express his prayer in emotional tribute.

"As hard as this, I want to thank you for living my life," he wrote. "I know you do not mean that it will happen. I would not be the same person, if you did not.

"I saw all the time I was happy and I wrinkled my wrinkles and kisses. I will miss you and start thinking every day.

"Soo was beautiful, happy, funny, crazy, solidary, and the most amazing girl to live. I have had a lot of memories that I do not remember.

"I know that you are in the sky, and I can not wait to see it again one day. We will all lose a lot. We will always be the dream team and I will never forget you. I love that."

Ms Cartmer-Congiu's friend at the school, Zoe Koster, said she was a good friend of mine.

"He never had before, he was the only thing," he said Sydney Morning Herald. "Most people learn from mistakes, but it just made a mistake and that's it."


According to ReachOut Australia, GHB was originally developed as an anesthetic, but after a few years there were unwanted side effects.

Usually it is sold in small bottles or in capsule, the people capful and its effects can last a whole day.

"If GHB is taken too much, you lose consciousness or enter into a coma. Make the difference to the amount you need to achieve, or expire, may be less than half the chap," says the website.

"Like illegal drugs (and, therefore, uncontrolled), it is difficult to determine the power of a batch, which makes it harder how much harm will be caused."


The teenager goes to death, after more than a dozen people have been taken to the hospital after taking part in the Sydney music festivals.

New South Wales judge in South Korea is examining the deaths of five young people – Diana Nguyen, Joseph Nguyen Binh Pham, Callum Brosnan, Joshua Gerard Tam and Alexandra Ross-King – in mid-September.

MDMA thought it was a factor in each case, but when advised by Peggy Dwyer, advisers on Tuesday, they said they changed the circumstances of death.

A young man could have taken nine high-purity MDMA pills a few hours earlier when he died at a NSW music festival, told in Sydney's court.

Another young person seemed to have taken a single MDMA tablet, while a dead man suggested six and nine pills, 77 percent MDMA jewelery.

"(That's it) the purity rate is very high," said Dr. Dwyer, hearing Glebe Coroners Court hearing false audiences.

One of them combines a psychoactive drug combination with alcohol in other cases, not booze.

Some doctors only demanded medical attention, said Dr. Dwyer, because they have not established any toxicological reports.

Ms Nguyen and Mr. Pham died on September 15 after Defqon. A party next to Penrith, Mr. Brosnan, on December 8, fell to the Knockout Games in the Destiny dance group of the Sydney Olympic Park.

After the death of Mr. Tamek Lost Paradise, on December 29 next to Gosford, King Ross-King went to Sydney on the FOMO festival on the 12th of January in Sydney. They were 23 years old or younger.

A dead inquest is likely to investigate the availability of water and freshness in music festivals, along with shadows and medical services. The pill study was not mentioned on Tuesday.

"There are (recommendations) based on objective evidence that they are heard and monitored in the open court," said Dr. Dwyer. "It's clear that people are very interested in finding out about how young people lost their lives."

Teresa O & S; Sullivan, an American agent, said five families of "family members and a wider community" were "horrified to worry."

"The affliction of love continues to be life and experience, it is difficult to understand," he said.

Ms O & # 39; Sullivan also published the NSW Health 10-month-ago-ago issue at the MDMA reception festivals and on how to reduce harm. "There are already more music and dance festivals," he said. "We do not want to see any other death."

Another way to listen to the instructions is scheduled on Lidcombe Coroners Court on February 28.

The health minister, Brad Hazzard, said on Monday he said that "the birthdays were dead for being a direct MDMA", and earlier evidence suggested that the death was also linked to the drug.

It is still determined that colonial justice will examine two drug overdose deaths before the festivities in 2018.

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