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& # 39; Unsolved Lawsuit & # 39; The greatest "action" class in the country is the national one

Thousands more people are required to register, 40,000 drivers and almost 22,000 taxi and contracted licenses in four countries.

Taxi is part of the action class against Rod Barton Uber.

Taxi is part of the action class against Rod Barton Uber. Credit:Jason South

Maurice Blackburn senior associate Elizabeth O & # 39; Shea believes that if she is a successful class action, Uber would have to pay "hundreds of millions of dollars".

He said the liquidation was higher than the class of action in the country's history, in 2014, Maurice Blackburn won seven hundred and seven thousand victims of Black Victory rape on compensation.

"It is reasonable to believe that the liquidation is higher than the one reached until now," said Shea.

In the case of Uber, lawyers will receive compensation at the beginning of 2014 at the Uber marketplace, and the deviated taxi industry.

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In addition, lawyers will commit to compensating taxi and car rental by the discount since 2014.

Ms O & # 39; Shea said Uber did not accept "getting in and out of the rules and getting the advantage."

"It's clear that they have worked out the market share and have built their business illegally," he said.

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The company expects the case that will start next year or the next year and may be sure to succeed, Ms O & # 39; Shea said.

"We are working on a group of highly-qualified Barristers, who confirmed that we have come to ourselves," he said. "We have a good legal reason".

This case is protected by the United Kingdom's founder, Harbor.

NSW's Board of Directors chief executive Martin Rogers said the state government's $ 250 million "industrial adjustment package", which paid a taxi plates for $ 20,000 each plate – two organizational capped on two plates – left the "majority" person's pocket.

"This has destroyed people that lost more than 200,000 dollars, and many have been traders," said Mr. Rogers.

Service for vehicles over four months.

Service for vehicles over four months.Credit:Ryan Stuart

"They are struggling to return and overcome their work when they are struggling, so the only option is to receive a pension."

This has destroyed the people, lost more than $ 200,000 in an asset, which earned a lot.

Martin Rogers, NSW Taxi Board

Cabs2000 Shane Holley's director said in Queensland that taxi drivers significantly disenfranchised when he joined the Uber market.

"The damage was massive and almost immediate," he said.

"We have lost our customers' revenues, they have boosted the market share and have had a fluctuating effect."

The licensed plates' owners lost 80 percent of their value according to their support packages offered in Queensland, mirroring the NSW deal, he said.

"Families are there who have lost their homes and future investments".

According to the Uberian spokesman, in several cases about the case, the company has not received "notifications of a class action".

"We want to offer riders and drivers a good service in the cities that operate in our operation," he said.

Secretary of Transport at The Age

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